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Injuries, Faults and Failures

In many cases, injury often involves falls from ladders or stairs, collapses of scaffolding, railing or balcony failures and slip and fall incidents. In these litigious times, even a seemingly minor slip and fall accident can result in a serious claim.

Initial Investigations:

The investigation will likely begin with a review of all relevant documentation (including medical reports). an on-site inspection, the taking of photographs and interviewing of the involved parties.


Many factors may need to be determined about the surface or situation surrounding the accidents occurrence including:

  • Surface cleaning procedures.
  • Surface treatment procedures.
  • Lighting.
  • Auditing of maintenance procedures and materials.
  • Analysis of work records.
  • Medical records review.
  • Interview of the involved parties and witnesses.

The conditions at the time of the scene of the accident must also be considered and verified. There are also insurance company issues that must be analyzed such as:

  • Is the injury real and how can it be diagnosed?
  • How intense is it and how can this be measured?
  • What is the effect on the victims mobility, comfort, performance and financial situation?
  • Is it related to prior injury?
  • How long will it last?
  • What treatments are appropriate?


The values are based on testing samples and do not represent actual shoe-to-floor values. Research must be performed on an individual basis.The geometric relationship of objects may play an important determining role in what actually occurred. Diagrams may need to be created to analyze all theoretical possibilities.